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Scott Simmons, Editor of Florida Weekly

I have known Katie Deits for more than a decade, going back to our respective careers at The Palm Beach Post.

After we left The Post in 2008, it was my great pleasure to work one-on-one with Katie, first at Palm Beach ArtsPaper, then at the Lighthouse ArtCenter, where I volunteered as a public relations specialist.

Under Katie’s leadership, the ArtCenter blossomed. She boosted the reputation of both the museum and the school.

The museum brought in noteworthy artists — an exhibition by painter Jake Fernandez remains a highlight for me — to show their work, and the school attracted top-notch instructors — ceramist Justin Lambert is one of the finest in his field.

An exhibition this season of works from the collection of Richard Manoogian drew attention from across the country, as did the Plein Air Festival the ArtCenter initiated three years ago under Katie’s guidance.

Additionally, she drew support from the area’s cultural hub, Palm Beach, for the first time in the museum’s 52-year history, staging an exhibition of watercolors by actress Dina Merrill.

When Katie resigned from the museum last December, she left an institution that was far more secure financially than it had been in years and left it with an impeccable reputation for artistry of the finest quality.

In the time since Katie left the ArtCenter, I have engaged her on several occasions to review shows at the Norton Museum of Art and the Society of the Four Arts for my newspaper, the Palm Beach County editions of Florida Weekly. Her criticisms were based on solid scholarship and a real love of art.

Perhaps that love is what is most important when it comes to guiding any institution.

Katie would be an asset to any organization.

Susan Bardin

This letter is my personal recommendation for Katie Deits. I am the Director of Interior Design at Peacock + Lewis Architecture and Interior Design based in North Palm Beach, Florida.

I have been a board member at the Lighthouse ArtCenter in Tequesta for over a decade and seen that organization grow under Katie’s direction. Of her many leadership skills, her ability to bring out the best in her staff, volunteers and donors was of the highest level. Her genuine interest in
people creates an environment where each individual is valued and driven to strive for

Her love for the arts is apparent not only in her personal accomplishments as an artist but in her knowledge of art history, current trends and artists making a mark in today’s art

She successfully used her connections and leadership skills to develop the Lighthouse ArtCenter’s D’Art for Art fundraiser. As chair of the event and committee member for a number of years, I witnessed her enthusiasm and organizational skills that raised D’Art for Art to a much anticipated annual fundraiser for the Lighthouse ArtCenter. This annual event not only raises funds needed to run the not-for-profit organization but builds the membership base and nurtures donor relationships. Katie’s connections to artists, collectors and the art community raised the level of art donated to the event and directly affected the bottom line. This is just one example of Katie’s abilities.

Over her six years at the Lighthouse ArtCenter she used her graphics and marketing skills to brand the organization and expand its reach to a larger audience.

I highly recommend Katie Deits to lead your organization to the next level.

Elayne Mordes

My late husband Marvin Mordes and I have been involved in the art world for many decades and have a private, 8,000-square-foot contemporary museum featuring international artists in West Palm Beach, (see www. Our organization collaborates often with other museums, and we also offer high-end art travel tours every year.

I first met Katie Deits when she was an editor at the Palm Beach Post and then as an art critic for Palm Beach ArtsPaper. Katie is an excellent writer and very knowledgeable about art history and social media. She has many contacts with artists and cultural organizations and is a skilled public speaker.

In 2009, Katie was recruited to be the executive director for the Lighthouse Center for the Arts. Although the organization was founded in 1964, it is located at the northern tip of Palm Beach County and had very little presence in the county. Katie virtually put the place on the map with a variety of excellent exhibitions, expanded press coverage and increased involvement of artists from the county and beyond. I served as a judge for several of the exhibitions.

In addition, Katie rebranded the organization to be the Lighthouse ArtCenter Museum & School of Art. Through her leadership abilities, she developed the organization to be dynamic and welcoming, as well as educational.

We have been impressed with her abilities and the positive growth of her efforts at the ArtCenter, so much in fact, that we held a large fundraiser at our home and museum.

I would highly recommend Katie for a leadership position in the arts.